Friday, January 21, 2011

Yo Soy Rebelde

Happy Friday! it's -20 here with the windchill. Although to be honest, give me bitter cold over several feet of snow anyday (it takes forever to melt and is a mess to navigate in). Jeanette here is from Spain, so she probably is pretty warm right now. I love this song, especially the chorus saying that she's a rebel because the cold-hearted world turned her into one. Not that I believe shes capable of rebelliousness..she sounds like Claudine Longet meets Isobel Campbell.


iwishihadtaste said...

José Luis Perales, please forgive me: Her melancholic version of "Porque te vas" is still my favorite. Perales' "updated" version with Maya is still amazing, but Jeanette's voice is haunting.

Kevin said...

Happy Friday!