Tuesday, May 18, 2010


today I've had some pretty bad allergies which has consequently made my mind equally as foggy. Also I'm preparing for an extended stay in California this summer which has me going crazy due to organizing everything. On top of that I'm working on some pieces for an art show. Related to art, but not the show, here's a little something I did the other night.

rusted nails


missrantsypants said...

thats kinda cool. :]

David Belfort said...

Nice. I enjoyed my visit to your site. Your allergies: Your body will do a good job of bringing them under control with less stress, stress management support . . . If your curious . . . contact me . . . at 63 I can land in cottonwood fuzz infested Dallas, allergy erupts for 24 hrs and wham . . . under my body's control. http://www.univerascience.com

Come again secondhand said...

So beautiful! Love it.