Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bird Webcams

I'm all about Nature webcams (I'm a sucker for African watering hole cams), and there are a couple bird feeder cams for the lazy birder when it's too cold outside...

  • Columbus, OH webcam
  • UK Barn Owl Nest! webcam
  • Scottish Seabird Center has several along their cliffs, feeders, etc webcam
  • Estes Park, CO feeder webcam
  • Weird German site of Antarctic Penguins webcam


sylvesterandmama said...

how cool!!!

Kerry Hawkins said...

Very cool. The bird really pops. I often think about putting a web cam on my cat, see what happens

Roberta Jane said...

Is that picture from a webcam - if so, which one??? So pretty!

Michelle said...

the picture above is from a webcam in Hungary (http://www.sztg.hu/sztgcam/) of a street intersection, but it seems to just have time lapse views available.