Friday, February 22, 2008

Awesome Readers make my day

Couple Things...
So the awesome Miss Kat of Anything Goes gave me a You Make My Day award and really it made MY day. Thanks so much! I probably don't have time here to post a notice on these blogs that they've made my day. I'll just post the info, and hope they see it :)

So...blogs that make my day (JUST to name a few)...
+ Smosch... I'm sure the girl gets tons of these accolades. Her photos are just that nice!
+ Shiny Squirrel... I can always count on Jessica to have something cool posted everyday, even when the rest of us can be slack on our updates ;)
+Creature Comforts... EZ loves color as much as I do, and it's great to see on the page.
+ Scout Holiday... I always wish I could comment on every post but wordpress won't let me
+Grain Edit... I am always inspired by the things they dig up.

+ALSO Mr Sylvain of yourlovelyplaces asked me to participate with his wonderful site by telling him all about my favorite places. Check it out :)

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