Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Terminus, etc

Awesome short with fantastic art direction. Seriously, does Montreal's subway system look like this? If so I need to get over there.

It's pouring here in Chicago but I had to come into work. Sitting in my dim office listening to My Bloody Valentine. It's the kind of day where I want to stay in and watch a film and drink tea. If I could drink it out of this Shinzi Katoh birdcage mug...even better!


Anonymous said...

well just one métro station looks like that in montréal.

Kathryn P said...

Hi Michelle,

I enjoy your blog, and wanted to share these soaps with you. I think they're pretty cute.

A reader,


Cher Ami said...

hi kathryn
thanks for the link! I actually saw those soaps today in the store. The packaging is great :)